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Data Collection

September 28, 2018

RADAR base includes data collection facilities for both background passive data collection from sensor streams, as well as active tasks such as questionnaires. These data are delivered to the scalable back-end infrastructure by two mobile applications.

Passive Data Collection

Phone Data Sensors

Supported Devices

Active Data Collection

Questionnaire App

Amos Folarin

Cite RADAR-base: RADAR-base: An Open Source mHealth Platform for Collecting, Monitoring and Analyzing Data Using Sensors, Wearables, and Mobile Devices.
Ranjan Y, Rashid Z, Stewart C, Begale M, Verbeeck D, Boettcher S, Dobson R, Folarin A, The Hyve, RADAR-CNS Consortium. URL: https://mhealth.jmir.org/2019/8/e11734/ DOI: 10.2196/11734 PMID: 31373275