radar-base@kcl.ac.uk, radar-base@thehyve.nl KCL +44 (0)20 7848 0924; The Hyve +31 (0)61 169 6842


We encourage developers to leverage the RADAR-base platform, fork the repositories and contribute to the community by additional features. All code is open source and published under an Apache 2.0 licence.

The platform consists broadly of the following components:

  • Android passive monitoring mobile app
  • Cross-platform questionnaire app
  • Java backend based on Apache Kafka
  • Javascript frontend (User management and dashboard)
  • Avro data schematization
  • Docker deployment


To contribute to a repository, read the ‘Contribute’ section of the Readme. In general, all repositories have a master and dev branch. The master branch contains the released source code and all new code is developed on the dev branch. To start contributing, clone the repository and create a new branch on the current dev branch.

Android pRMT app components

The pRMT app consists of multiple components spread over different repositories. Here, we give an overview of all the components needed for the basic phone sensors. The latest releases are packaged and available on bintray.

Android Studio is recommended to develop and test your code.

Base app

Provides the interface for the app. Runs on an Android device and allows data streaming from the activated plugins.


There are two commons repositories. One contains shared Android functionality for the base app and plugins. The other contains basic schemas, streaming features, testing bridges and utils for all Java components.

Phone Sensor plugin

Contains connections for all the phone data sensors, like accelerometer, gyroscope and location.

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