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SUBER Subcutaneous EEG Study

SUBER Subcutaneous EEG Study

Subcutaneous EEG – Forecasting of Epileptic Seizures (SUBER)

ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT04061707

Sponsor: King’s College London

Funding Institution: Epilepsy Foundation

Subcutaneous EEG – Forecasting of Epileptic Seizures (SUBER) is a 1-year observational study (n=10), where patients with refractory focal epilepsy will undergo ultra-longterm continuous recording of subcutaneous EEG (implanted under local anesthesia) and non-invasive wrist-worn sensor bio-signals. Our aim is to combine EEG and non-EEG bio-signals, to develop personalised seizure-predictors, using computational models and/or artificial intelligence methods. The ability to accurately predict epileptic seizures, using minimally invasive technology, could dramatically improve the quality of life of patients with uncontrolled epilepsy.

Pedro Viana, Mark P Richardson