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Open source license

All components are available as open source software under an Apache 2 license. Have a look at our RADAR-base GitHub repositories and get started.

Live monitoring

RADAR-base enables near real time remote monitoring of participants. The data is collected via an Android app that streams data via Wifi and Bluetooth.

Extensible platform

Modular and plugins-based – simple to build connectors to integrate data from additional devices and APIs and to develop custom analysis and visualization.

Open data standards

Schematized data storage in AVRO format to enable interoperability. The RADAR-base platform enables storage of large volumes of raw sensor data as well as structured aggregated data.

I am a ...


I want to know how my data is treated or how I can participate


I want to deploy the RADAR stack to get more insight in my patients.


I want to discover new insights from the data generated by RADAR studies


I want to contribute open-source code to the RADAR platform