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DynaMORE: Dynamic Modelling of Resilience
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DynaMORE: Dynamic Modelling of Resilience

DynaMORE aims to promote stress resilience and improve mental health and well-being in the face of adversity.

A joint goal of developing an in silico model of stress resilience. To do so, we monitor healthy at-risk individuals (18+ years old) during stressful life phases, such as transition into adulthood or higher education, training-to-street transition (police officers), or abruptly changed life situations (accident victims in recovery). Multiple longitudinal studies collect psychological, behavioural, neural, and physiological markers, and apply advanced mathematical modelling to identify key risk indicators and resilience factors. The ultimate goal is a prognostic tool for people to monitor their mental stability, and to intervene effectively before the personal „tipping point“.

DynaMORE (Dynamic Modelling of Resilience), has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to exploit advanced mathematical modelling for the promotion of mental health and well-being. DynaMORE will generate the first personalised in silico model of mental health in the face of adversity, that is, stress resilience. The model will be based on and validated against unique multi-scale longitudinal real-world empirical data sets, collected through neuroimaging, experimental assessments, questionnaires and remote monitoring using the RADAR app and a wearable device. The development and testing of the model will substantially deepen our scientific understanding of the mechanisms of resilience. These insights will allow us to create mechanistically targeted interventions for the primary prevention of stress-related disorders. On this basis, DynaMORE will develop an entirely new mobile health (mHealth) product incorporating the RADAR platform that will include model-based prognostic tools for real-time and real-life monitoring of at-risk subjects and for automatised decision-making about timed, personalised interventions. The DynaMORE model will be openly available, whereas the interventions and surrounding application solutions (data analysis tools, information and communication technology) will have a strong potential for commercial exploitation, which will be actively prepared within DynaMORE.


DynaMORE: Dynamic Modelling of Resilience